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New layout!

Posted by tenel_ka on 2010.12.28 at 23:11
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There is a new layout over at the website: http://www.echuta.net/oc

Also, we've been putting up albums on the Outlander Club facebook page for each member. Make sure to stop by and check it out (and join if you haven't already)!

I'll be updating the site soon with a couple things, so if you want to submit a profile or a new costume or whatever, please feel free to do so and it will be added on the next update! :D

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The Outlander Club facebook page!

Posted by tenel_ka on 2010.09.19 at 21:54
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We now have a Facebook page for the Outlander Club!


There will be site updates and so on there, as well as discussions and so on.

I'm also working on a new layout for the site! So if you want anything added/updated to your profile (or you want a profile added to the site), please let me know! You can let me know here, at the FB page (if that's easier for you) or you can email me from the join/submit page on the OC site. :D

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EU costumes @ D*C - planning?

Posted by tenel_ka on 2010.06.17 at 17:57
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I had no idea there were going to be so many EU costumes at Dragon*Con this year! :D But since there are, it's time we figure out when we can all manage to get together for pictures! I've been going crazy with picture ideas in my head, so hopefully we can take a bunch of them. <333

And if anyone else who is going to Dragon*Con with an EU costume sees this and wants in, feel free to comment!

This is who I know will be at D*C and the costumes I have previously seen people list in places... I also marked off under that with a fancy little schedule if I know people will be unavailable at a certain point.

If you have any suggestions for times to meet (for any of the EU costumes/groups listed!), pictures to take or you want me to list costumes you're bringing that I don't have on here -- I'm sure I missed some >_< -- (or changes to the list) then let me know! :D

// blood_sorbet
- Tahiri Veila (Jedi Strike Team, Star by Star)
- Tahiri Veila (YJK/NJO - orange jumpsuit)
- Tahiri Veila (Legacy of the Force series)
- Tahiri Veila (original outfit)
- Trig Longo (Death Troopers)

// tenel_ka
- Tenel Ka (Jedi Strike Team, Star by Star)
- Tenel Ka (Queen Mother version, Dark Nest Trilogy/Legacy of the Force series)
- Kale Longo (Death Troopers)

// draelight
- Jacen Solo (Jedi Strike Team, Star by Star)
- Darth Caedus (Legacy of the Force series)
- Han Solo (Death Troopers)

// mafiaprincess
- Jaina Solo (Jedi Strike Team, Star by Star)
- Jaina Solo (Invincible cover - black jumpsuit)
- Jaina Solo (Invincible interior description)
- Jaina Solo (JP Dark Nest cover)
- Jaina Solo (Dark Journey - red dress)
- Mara Jade (catsuit)
- Mara Jade (JP Dark Nest cover)

// princessxion
- Anakin Solo (New Jedi Order series)
- Mara Jade (catsuit, I think? XD)
- possibly either Ben Skywalker, Jaina or Dark!Tahiri
(And maybe a Strike Team costume? Cause I remember you asked about them! XD)

// jill_sparrow
- Eryl Besa (Jedi Strike Team, Star by Star)

// see_aphy_be
- Lomi Plo (Jedi Strike Team cohort, Star by Star)


Thursday night:

- blood_sorbet unavailable from 8pm on (Greek Gods and Goddesses photoshoot)

- blood_sorbet unavailable from 1pm to early evening (Greek Gods and Goddesses photoshoot)
- tenel_ka unavailable from around 6pm to late evening (wearing Monkey Island costumes to the Aquarium XD)




I can throw out some time ideas for get-togethers once I know when everyone is available/not available.


Dragon*Con EU costumes !!!!!!

Posted by princessxion on 2010.06.16 at 00:32
Dragon*Con :D Who else is going ? What costumes are you waering ?

And the big one, when can the EU costumers meet ? :DDDD

I'll bring:

Anakin Solo, and hopefully plushie Ikrit :D


and may be a Jaina and Dark Tahiri if I have enough time or money ;)

But I could make GAG Ben Skywalker may be, if we have a Caedus and Dark Tahiri I think was mentioned :) I want to make something with armor haha.

I just booked my tickets so SEE YOU THERE XD

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OC website!

Posted by tenel_ka on 2010.05.31 at 22:07
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Just a quick note that I'll be updating the Outlander Club site soon so if anyone wants to submit their profile and/or new costumes/pictures for the update, you can comment and let me know here, send me an LJ message, catch me on AIM or shoot me an email (if you need my address to send stuff, just let me know :D)!


I look forward to seeing lots of EU costumes! ;D


Good Jumpsuit Pattern

Posted by princessxion on 2010.04.20 at 07:31
Just an idea for other EU costumers. Originally I bought some coveralls to use as a jumpsuit base, but I found it was just too baggy. So I looked around for a hopeful pattern, since I'm not experienced enough to make my own. I found a really good pattern to use for a jumpsuit is a racing suit pattern. Apparantly the X-Wing costumes was made from this, and you can see in the collar and cuffs. The Green Pepper does a good one. It's close-fitting so if you wanted it baggier you could go the next size up ^____^

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Posted by tenel_ka on 2010.04.08 at 21:49
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Anyone know where I can get or how to make a belt such as these? Also, know as "those damn belts on the Solo twins on the Young Jedi Knights covers that look like belts you have seen in the movies but you can't remember on who~"

Thank you in advance! :D

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Jedi Strike Team @ D*C 2010?

Posted by tenel_ka on 2009.11.23 at 01:02
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There is chatter of bringing a New Jedi Order: Star By Star costume group to Dragon*Con 2010 -- one of the 17-manned Jedi Strike Team that goes on a mission to Myrkr to smack some voxyns around and all that jazz. ;D

http://s4.zetaboards.com/mindbreak/topic/7824823/1/ <--- more info! (Reasons on why D*C and not CV, obscurity stopping us lol, costume chatter, etc.)

Here is the list of who we have (and might have so far) and if anyone thinks they might want in on project, please let me know! The costume isn't too hard (I still have mine from Celebration III so I can walk everyone through everything, hehe) and it is always fun to run around as a group in costume!

Alema Rar (female Twi'lek) -
Anakin Solo (male human) -
Bela Hara (female Barabel) -
Eryl Besa (female human) - jill_sparrow
Ganner Rhysode (male human) -
Jacen Solo (male human) - (on hold)
Jaina Solo (female human) - miss_jaina
Jovan Drark (female Rodian) -
Krasov Hara (female Barabel) -
Lowbacca (male Wookiee) -
Raynar Thul (male human) - lusa_thul
Tahiri Veila (female human) - blood_sorbet
Tekli (female Chadra-fan) - (on hold for a maybe)
Tenel Ka (female human) - tenel_ka
Tesar Sebatyne (male Barabel) - possibly jk_birr
Ulaha Kore (female Bith) -
Zekk (male human) -

Lomi Plo (female human) - (on hold for a maybe)
Welk (male human) -

[ sw - zekk ]

Dragon*Con 2008?

Posted by tenel_ka on 2008.02.23 at 15:55
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So is anyone definitely going to Dragon*Con 2008? And are you doing an Expanded Universe costume? I sense photoshoots and general EU craziness must ensue if there are a few yes answers to these questions. XD

In your ship

Yuuzhan Vong Shaper Costume.

Posted by blue_nbeautiful on 2007.11.16 at 12:04
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Namely Nen Yim. I have been working on a Yuuzhan Vong costume for a couple of months and have come to the stage where I need to start taking casts of my head and hands for prosthetics. I have done some minor prosthetic work before ie- limbs and torso, but never anything to do with the head. I know i'm probably going to require a full head cast, but rather than a complete mask I was trying to go for frontal facial prosthetics only. Does anyone here know the best way of doing this? I'm based in the UK so materials have been a bit expensive to ship for projects in the past.
Also, what are the best skin paints that are compatible with latex and do not rub off easily?

I've already devised a way of making the shapers headdress, and i'll be sure to register and post pics when everything is done.

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