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The Outlander Club

kriff, what is he wearing?

The Outlander Club: EU costumes
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This here is the LJ home of the Outlander Club. A community that focuses on the other side of Star Wars costuming. This is the place to talk about Expanded Universe costumes mostly, but movie costumes, parody costumes and all around fun costumes can be discussed as well (as long as it's Star Wars related. ;D) -- so suit up and start posting!

All types of EU-costume chatter are welcome here costume ideas, progress reports on how you're coming, finished costumes -- anything you can come up with that relates to the EU and costumes, bring it on. XD

[ there's only a few, I promise! ]

-- be nice to fellow posters. I don't want to hear any rude remarks, constructive criticism is what counts!
-- please put all pictures behind a lj-cut, so we don't stretch out pages and stuff. ;D
-- have fun!

It's an open community, so anyone who is a fan of costuming and the EU can join up and jump into the discussions! We don't bite (usually XD). Unless you want us to or something. O_O

Check this thread for info on how to join/submit costumes to the site!

// community created and maintained by tenel_ka & the thugs at echuta. <3 Thanks everyone!