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Jacen Solo (in progress)

Posted by dracomalfoy05 on 2007.09.18 at 10:42

I'm currently working on a Jacen Solo outfit and I'd like to get some input on which outfit I should do.

I'm trying to debate if I should do his flight suit from YJK or do his older version G.A.G. outfit. Since I'm a girl, I'm thinking it'd be easier to pull off his younger version lol but I duno, what do you think? I've managed to pull off Gambit so... I duno :D

anywho, for either of these outfits, I've only been able to find about 2 reference pics for Jacen's YJK outfit. If anyone has pictures they could link me to, etc, that would be great, thank you!

Dragon*Con 2008! SW zombies!

Posted by tenel_ka on 2007.09.08 at 17:17
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Zombies + Star Wars -- how can you beat that? XD I just updated the site with some new profiles and figured there had to be more people out there who want to parade around as dead Star Wars characters. There's so many to choose from! It's like a cereal with all those different marshmallows! Don't ask me how! But somehow, it is!

Haha, anyways, if you think you're going to D*C next year and would like to join up, feel free! We always welcome new brains! :D

EU costumes at D*C '07?

Posted by tenel_ka on 2007.07.16 at 00:32
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I know there's gonna be at least three or four Jaina's there. And an Alema (or Lumiya -- depending on what she is wearing when. XD) -- also a Jacen, and I'll be in a TK costume or two. Anyone else bringing any EU costumes to D*C?

Any set time we want to try for a crazy EU group picture? It could potentially prove to be quite crazy. Hehehe~


Posted by tenel_ka on 2006.11.06 at 18:25
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Celebration IV is coming up in May of next year -- I assume there will be many EU costumes there. I know a lot of people who aren't going to said con because it is expensive and far away. I'm not sure if anyone here is going to CIV, but if you are -- are wearing an EU costume? :D

And another big con -- Dragon*Con 2007! Are you going going and are you doing any EU costumes there? Since D*C is a con where pretty much any costume from any fandom is welcomed (with the exception of, you know, legally non-fitting costumes XD), EU costumes are actually seen quite a bit.

In other words, any EU costumes in the upcoming year? :D


Posted by tenel_ka on 2006.06.24 at 16:47
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Yes, the website is finally done. XD

This post/thread will act as the official LJ post for profiles -- so people who are on LJ can just submit profiles here by commenting instead of e-mailing the address on the site and such (although people still might need to e-mail me pictures)...

Here's the stuff I need from you if you want to join!

]] names
(real & nickname, if you want to list a nickname)

]] where you are located
(nowhere too specific XD)

]] e-mail address

]] your website/journal
(you can list up to two links. for example, if you have an LJ and a costume site, you can list both~)

]] costumes you've done & where they were worn
(EU/PARODY ONLY -- if you have an inquiry as to what qualifies and what doesn't, ask away! :D)

]] a picture of your costume(s)
(minimum of one picture needed for each costume, no more than three for each~)

]] a normal picture of you
(to put on your profile page)

And that's about it! If the pictures aren't hosted somewhere, you'll have to e-mail them to me and you can send them to heather @ whatthefun.net. Thank you!

Now this LJ can resume with it's usual EU costume jabber. XD

Finally~ XD

Posted by tenel_ka on 2006.06.11 at 01:16
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Alright, so I'm FINALLY starting work on this site. As you know, it'll kind of be like the 501st & Rebel Legion, where it'll gather people who do a certain type of costume. Except this one is a lot more relaxed and such. This'll be more of a site to just gather pictures and share information and stuff, and not do all the cool stuff the ones above mentioned do (charity, events, etc.)...

This will be a site gathering of pictures/people who do/have done EU costumes and/or parody costumes (crossdressing, funny SW stuff, etc.)~ XD

So if you want a profile on this site -- this is what I need from you! :D

-- names (real & nickname, if you want to list a nickname)
-- where are you located (nowhere too specific XD)
-- e-mail address
-- your website/journal (you can list up to two links, so if you have an LJ and a costume site, you can list both~)
-- costumes you've done & where you wore them (EU/PARODY ONLY -- if you have an inquiry as to what qualifies and what doesn't, ask away! :D)
-- a picture of your costume(s) -- minimum of one picture needed, no more than three~
-- a normal picture of you for your profile

Yesss... but if I think of more things I need in the profiles, I will make another post, But this is all for now. I've begun work on the layout of the site and hopefully it should be up fairly soon! :D

Alright, 2006 planning!

Posted by tenel_ka on 2005.12.17 at 16:18
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So 2006 is upon us, which means another year of conventions and another year of costumes! ;D

Question is, is anyone working on any EU costumes for this coming year? What with the Legacy of the Force series coming up, and the conclusion to the Dark Nest series... there have to be some ideas floating around in people's heads somewhere, right?

If I had any makeup skills at all, I'd totally hit a Bug-Lomi-Plo costume. Boooohahah~! But currently (surprise surprise har har), I'm working on a couple Tenel Ka costumes; normal ones and... not normal ones.

What about everyone else? XD


Posted by tenel_ka on 2005.09.10 at 00:42
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Time for a question!

If you could see ANY EU costume be made and worn somewhere, what would you want it to be? I thought of this question at Dragon*Con this weekend when there was a DURGE walking around. :D!

You guys know me, I'd have to go with Traitor!Jacen. And not just because it's Jacen. ;) I think the whole robeskin-overlayed-with-amphistaff armor would be awesome if it could be pulled off. Xaleth did an incredible job at CIII with his amphistaff for his Vong costume (I wish I could remember what he used for it)... but to make armor out of those... I would absolutly die if I saw that costume. O_O

So any EU costume ever that you'd like to see someone pull off -- what would you pick?


Posted by tenel_ka on 2005.07.12 at 02:48
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Welcome to the Outlander Club -- a community (which is getting a site soon) dedicated to Expanded Universe costuming. I put up a better description and some rules on the info page, hehe~

Anyways, chat away! EU = love, and so do costumes relating to it. So you know, spread the love and all that. ^_^

(It's late, I'm out of it. What can I say? ;D)

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